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How it All Began

I was actually an avid follower of Peter Tea Bonsai when I accidentally signed up for WordPress. I still love his blog. He wants to hit 1000 followers, and I think you guys should check his blog out. He is genius, … Continue reading

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Epic Mickey

Bought myself this for x-mas on the 3DS, and I like it. It is thoroughly entertaining, and kept me up late last night. It makes me want to draw cartoons, and skip school. Cannot wait until lunch-time. GOT MY GLASSES! … Continue reading

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My sister asked me what K.O. meant, and she interrupted me with “Oh, it’s the opposite of O.K.” Which, I guess she thinks means NO. So, she said that sometimes she says K.O. instead of O.K. Here is what I … Continue reading

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Wish List

Dear Santa, I wish for a DS game, by the name of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. (Must be purchased online) I have considered wishing for Epic Mickey on DS too. (Available at your local Wal-Mart.) The latter is only half … Continue reading

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controlling the xbox controller

My roommate broke her controller, and her is how she did it. 1. She intentionally took it apart with a screwdriver. 2. She lost a few pieces and broke a few pieces. Not intentionally. 3. She couldn’t get it back … Continue reading

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The Time of the Warrior

Sitting in silence, doing nothing, and not being allowed to go anywhere. That is what I had to endure last night. My usual night is spent running around a track, and doing a yoga class. I was not allowed to … Continue reading

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Naming Things

I used to be fully supportive of  the random name generator. For both Pokémon and pets, it was a life saver. I thought. I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis now, but I have used it when giving German … Continue reading

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School Work

Working. Working rather hard on not working. Trying to get away with listening to Jango and blogging at the same time, and not doing my online work of money skills, which I am pretty sure that I need. I found … Continue reading

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I was at carrs and I saw this. Luckily, I got a picture before people started to take everything down. Directly after I took this a troll took one from the middle. 😦 But it was cool that I got … Continue reading

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