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Not my hobbies, but rather the stuff that doesnt fit.


I have initiated redoing my dreads. To tell you guys, combing them out works. They were 6months old too. Have confidence. It just takes a long time. 🙂 I look like I have African American hair. Lol. Good times. Sorry … Continue reading

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I am making squash! Acorn squash. It’s even winter grown. And organic. And expensive. ^_^ (With brown rice.) I cut it in half, took out the seeds, and cut slices in the meat of the squash so the sesame seed … Continue reading

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Basic Pet Safety

Dogs can get crushed in cars. Cause you to crash. Get smushed by airbags. The list goes on and on. Do not let your dogs sit on your shoulders or on your lap while you are driving. At the very … Continue reading

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Dreadin the dreadz

I am going to take out my dreads… Really. I am. Well. I’m redoing them! I have extremely straight hair, and twist and rip was not the best way to make dreads for my hair. My hair really isn’t dreading. … Continue reading

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How it All Began

I was actually an avid follower of Peter Tea Bonsai when I accidentally signed up for WordPress. I still love his blog. He wants to hit 1000 followers, and I think you guys should check his blog out. He is genius, … Continue reading

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Spectators of the Spectacles

Neither one of Foster Parents liked my glasses. (predicted) 🙂 I LOVE THEM. I apologize dearly for taking the photo in the bathroom. I did not want to get into trouble for doing it in study hall. (e.e) Excuse also … Continue reading

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I haven’t been on facebook often, and I went a rather long time without it. I don’t have a million friends and I don’t like any of the apps on facebook. None of them are useful. I have realized that … Continue reading

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Epic Mickey

Bought myself this for x-mas on the 3DS, and I like it. It is thoroughly entertaining, and kept me up late last night. It makes me want to draw cartoons, and skip school. Cannot wait until lunch-time. GOT MY GLASSES! … Continue reading

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Red Neckin’

I darn right ‘ter’ wanna put ‘dat dang tootin’ cuppa’ joe in ‘da’ microwavey. (I want to microwave my coffee.) I want to speak redneck, and I try, but to achieve the fluency that I would like, I need to … Continue reading

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Tabasco Sauce

Let me tell you now, that I am wimpier than an elephant facing a mouse (Mythbusters proved that elephants, are in fact, afraid of mice) when it comes to spicy food. I think that spicy things cover up the flavor … Continue reading

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