About Me

I live in Alaska, I am 17, I am an artist, I work with animals as an animal behaviorist and as an animal shelter officer. I am not even 18 yet! But anyways, I am pro-pitbull, I hate football, I drink tea, I have a boyfriend that drives me up a wall insane (good and bad), I am not allowed to have animals where I live, I have dreads, I hate it when people eat with their mouth open, I only wear black, greys, and greens because I want my clothes to always match, I am not popular, I will always respond to comments, I cannot fight, I’m good at writing, (but I am terribly lazy) I don’t like to use pencils when I draw, I love dubstep, I own five DS game consoles of different generations, I LOVE YouTube, and I don’t have a lot of money. Who really does though? I throw a party when I get new followers, I hate country music, I hate bullying, I am horribly afraid of spiders, I sleep with a night-light, I wear glasses, my favorite color is green, my worst injuries from working with animals came from bunny rabbits, I support gay/lesbian marriages, when I am mocking authority I use a redneck accent, I live in an igloo, I love copper jewelry, I have five piercings, I am a peskatarian, I hate cilantro, I am allergic to mushrooms, I love documentaries, I have a very deep hate for Twilight and anything related, I am a very patient person, I like guys that wear button ups rather than tee’s, sagging your pants is the lamest style EVUR, and 42 is the answer to all of my math problems. 🙂 Plus, I made you think that I live in an igloo.

I can’t believe that you made it to the end of that. Please follow my blog. I will always talk to you, don’t be scared.


9 Responses to About Me

  1. Denise Hearn says:

    Way to go on your first blog Miss Tabitha! Looking forward to following your posts. Now you can teach me!

  2. Tya Khan says:

    hahahahhhahha i LOVED reading you about me 😀

  3. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the invite. I am almost through all your entries. Learning a lot about you. I think you have a great future ahead of you.

    • Tabitha says:

      Thank you. I work rather hard on this. Could you imagine the results of me putting this much effort into my schooling? Darn Tootin’ ‘Murica.

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