Spectators of the Spectacles

Neither one of Foster Parents liked my glasses. (predicted) πŸ™‚ I LOVE THEM.

I apologize dearly for taking the photo in the bathroom. I did not want to get into trouble for doing it in study hall. (e.e) Excuse also that I am not wearing makeup. I am trying to rough it for a while. See how I like natural.

I am just now noticing that my roots are growing in brown, and that makes me super happy. It was a terrible mistake that I made to dye my hair black. It has no depth and it doesn’t look natural.

My forehead looks big…

So, my glasses are supposed to represent everything that I am: hippie, vegetarian, artist, writer/blogger, college kid…

You know the works.

My next goal is to show you guys some art, because I have been slacking, and I need to draw I think.

New diet is now tea, soup, and gaming.

Wish me luck. Thank you for reading, and thank you again for following me if you are. It is surely my main source of happiness.

photo (4)


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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3 Responses to Spectators of the Spectacles

  1. Tya Khan says:

    Hey i LOVE ur glasses, they really suit ur face and makes u look all professional, yet a very artistic person
    Awesomeness!!! πŸ˜€

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