I haven’t been on facebook often, and I went a rather long time without it. I don’t have a million friends and I don’t like any of the apps on facebook. None of them are useful. I have realized that I don’t go on fb when I have better things to do. i.e. play my DS, blog, have a life… All sorts of things.

I cannot stand what people use fb for. It should be a quirky saying  and then “I just jumped over a barrel of barracudas.” Not, “Im like at da mall agen an i wanna hang wid sombodi.” Are you kidding me America? WHAT DO YOU KIDS DO ALL DAY? I know that I go to school. I am no genius, but I know how to use apostrophes and use the spelling power of that over a five-year old. How did you make it through grade-school? It is degrading, and I have a low tolerance for average people who have more than their fair of schooling, and do not use it. There are people who would happily take your spot, and rock it. If you have time to write that you are at the mall, then post five pictures of yourself standing at the mall, change your relationship status every half hour, and post about how quickly you blew that $20 dollars you stole from your mom, things you poor mall-rats do every DAY, then you shouldn’t have a fb account. — You should have a Twitter account, where you can post extremely pointless things constantly, learn things from First World Facts, and not have to bug any of your friends.

Or, you should be using your time to learn a new language, planning your future, and buying clothes that fit you. (Cleavage can be nice, but never on jail-bait. Cover it up. And guys, pull up your pants.)

Thank you for reading my rant, and have a good day. 🙂

Post Script: This is why you have not been seeing me on facebook. WordPress is where it’s at.


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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5 Responses to Facebook

  1. sharclane says:

    Well I Just Thought That I Would Let You Know That Your Are Clearly Talking ABout Me Because That Is What I Do Every Single Day Right After School..Yu Kno Being In Treatment That Is What I Do For A Living..I May Not Be In Treatment But I Am In Foster Care Which Means That I Don’t Have Anything Better To Do..I Enjoy Being On Facebook & Saying That “What’s Up Everyone.? I’m Chilin At The Mall Does Anyone Wna Chill.?” LMAO..This Made My Day:)

  2. Tya Khan says:

    You make sense! alot of it! 🙂
    also kinnda made me guilty for being on FB for a long time once, but i hardy do any more, my main point has always been games and yes gettin in touch with long lost school n college friends 🙂
    but i also keep wishing if i can tear my self off it and do sumthing in reality, like play my Xobx that has been watchin me every day pass by it n not even say hello lol

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