Ivy Plant Work

I got sudden inspiration to work on my plant, and did a huge amount of pruning. I had let the plant grow to be huge, and it was taking over my window-sill. I think that the slow releasing fertilizer pellets had finally wasted away, and it needed some help over-all. I cut off all of the small and new growths of vines, and kept it at five vines altogether. I pinched back almost all of the leafs. The biggest leaf you can see, near the top of the picture, is about a third of the size of the full-grown leafs. The height went from about a foot and a half, to 10 inches at the tallest.

For fertilizer, I put some of the crystal formed fertilizer for houseplants into a teabag, and set the tea bag in the middle of the five vines I kept. (They make the shape of a star.^-^<) The amount of fertilizer was miniscule just to be on the safe side. This plant is like a weed in disguise, and it has made it through everything I have done to it, so far. But, safety first.

I really did cut a lot off. I am more than sure that the plant will be fine, even though I took off more than two-thirds of the thing. I am especially proud of the vine in front, because it had the most tiny leaves of all of the vines, and was the shortest. They are all starting to develop a very thin and papery bark too, which makes me all the more certain that this bonsai thing is going to work out.

I have read a lot online about people saying bonsai ivy plants were impossible to make without stealing from an old plant. As my sister had gotten me this plant last year for my birthday, I decided that I was going to keep for as long as possible. That means using the art of bonsai. Isn’t part of the art having patience? This plant is going to get old whether you internet folk like it or not, and I am set on proving people wrong.

It couldn’t be that hard, right? 🙂 I am just waiting to see which one of the vines does the best, and that will be the vine I keep for 20 or 50 years. All in time.

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I saw a huge root that stuck up from one of the vines, and I put a marble under it. I think that in a couple of months I will upgrade to a pretty rock. Maybe it will develop into a root over rock thing. 🙂 I am so ready for this.

Oh, I have considered replacing those tacky sticks with a dead, gnarly, smooth, and bleached branch. I think that I will have to wait to find one from a beach. I, am, so, excited.

But something that has gotten me to wondering is how I am going to take this with me on my travels. Or, where is is going to be kept when I head out to college? I have a few ideas, but I haven’t quite asked anybody yet.

I should downsize to a smaller pot to help myself out with this problem. But I had just put the plant in this pot not seven months ago. Well, as I had said before, this plant has made it through everything I have done to it, so I think that I should start investing into a new pot with better soil. Bonsai style.

Now, time for some soil research. 🙂 Thank you for listening, and have a good day.


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4 Responses to Ivy Plant Work

  1. artmoscow says:

    The principle of perception selectivity: when you are in the process of renovating your house, you notice not the plant, not the work done on it, but the skirt boards and carpets and wall colours ) My case )

  2. Tya Khan says:

    Lovely work, i think it luks great:)

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