My sister asked me what K.O. meant, and she interrupted me with “Oh, it’s the opposite of O.K.” Which, I guess she thinks means NO. So, she said that sometimes she says K.O. instead of O.K.

Here is what I see play out in my head.

“Hey, Sister, please take out the trash.” Instead of saying O.K. and taking out the trash, she yells, Knock Out! And waddles over to the trash bag and punches it with her tiny fists of fury.

I explained this to her, and she simply fell in love with the idea of walking around and knocking things out. We double bag the trash now…


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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3 Responses to Okay

  1. Janine says:

    I knew you were very talented, but I didn’t realize that you are an insanely talented writer–enjoying your adventures…

  2. sharclane says:

    Lmao..This Jus Made My Day As Well As The Dance Writing:)

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