Another Apology


This was for the lyrics that I had posted. I really shouldn’t be worrying about what people think of this blog, but I am too kind of a soul to let people nag me without an apology. (That doesn’t even make sense.) But, I must explain with my deepest sincerity as soon as I can.

Maybe people are thinking, “Why would you ever put such an inappropriate, unacceptable, erroneous, abominable, and trashy piece of work on your beautiful, genius, hilarious and pleasing blog?” Well, I am glad that you asked. First off, I would never think that putting the work of other people on my blog would get ME in trouble. I think that you should write a letter to the artist, rather than me. I have written about methamphetamines and rape and animal neglect/abuse. I did NOT get into any trouble for writing about those things because that would be absurd. I didn’t rape, use drugs, or hurt animals, now did I? I didn’t write the song in question either.

Freedom is something seldom found around the world. The internet is a break from that. People can find anything that they want. How long it takes to drown a grown man, peanut butter and jelly porn, how to tie a noose, music lyrics, cheats for games, how to plait a pony’s tail, how to poison a cat, how to beat a dog, how to kill bats in your attic, child pornography… I don’t know if my point is being taken, (if it is, please let me know. I’m not sure about where it is going myself.) but I am trying my best. I find this to be free grounds, because nobody is being hurt.

I do recall an earlier post where I informed people that if they did not want to see the use of the occasional curse word, or anything along the lines, then they did not have to look at my blog!

Back to my innocence, I had no part in the creation of the song I had presented to you, the beautiful audience, earlier. I was simply sharing a song with a terrible turn. The title was meant to show that I did not approve of the turn that it took, despite it being hilarious. How people find things funny: When a person is looking at a situation or listening to something, and they hear something unexpected, or out of the ordinary, they find it funny. Do you laugh when somebody tells you that volcanoes sometimes erupt? No. Because, it is fact, and rather expected. You laugh when you watch somebody fall, when you had originally thought that they were going to keep right on walking, because that was expected. Turns of events or facts that are unexpected by the human mind are perceived as funny, because that is how we work. My finding the song in question funny is not a judgement of my character, but simply proving the fact that I am human.

Do news teams get into “trouble” for reporting how somebody was killed? Do the directors or writers of horror films get put into mental institutions? Do people get into any sort of a mess for writing a song about their love, (maybe twisting it a bit) and presenting it to the world? NO. That is because they are seen as doing nothing wrong, (maybe the song writer is a little blunt about his love life, but I didn’t write that.)

Here is a link, (googled ‘girl is found dead’) to a news report on a girl found dead. I put it on my blog, just now. Here is another for rape statistics, showing that rape exists, (I abhor the subject) and that it is out there. Just like the lyrics are out there. The lyrics are nothing compared to the fact that People get raped, and it is REAL. While, the song in question’s artist may not have a sex life at all, but is rather just a clever poem writer. Shoot me down for presenting to you, the audience, that S41T HAPPENS. Am I going to get into trouble for that? No. Of course not. Where is the flaw in that? Where is the difference between presenting the news and showing you the art of a song writer? I find the dead girl to be more offensive.

I hope for you unappreciative people in the audience to realize that I did no harm here. Please tell me that I am right, because I am. If you wanted to see rainbows and ponies, then you should have google imaged ponies and rainbows. You have to o out of your way to find this blog, because I am not famous yet.

Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day. Oh, please follow. 🙂


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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3 Responses to Another Apology

  1. Tya Khan says:

    Honestly, I really dont think that u shud apologize to anyone. This is ur own free space and ur own free will for writting absolutely anything u want. Sweet of u for apologising but u shudnt feel bad about the dead girl post. Ppl put all sorts of things on their blogs, just like there is every thing out there on net n media, we choose wat to see n wat to not according to our own wish…… Therez nothing wrong in sharing or writing anything we wish to on our blogs 🙂

    🙂 cheerz

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