Dr. Horrible

I subjected my roommate to the torture of Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog last night. I had seen this a couple of years ago myself, and reveled in the music. I thought it was pure hilarity. She didn’t. She laughed only once during the whole showing, and it was when the camera moved to show Penny dying. She is heartless.

I loved the music, and the songs, as they were rather catchy, not cheesy. I can’t stand musicals in any other sense.

It was pointed out by my roommate that it was the most pointless movie that she had ever watched. With no moral and no more than four characters, I could see where she was coming from. Twilight was nothing to put your nose to in comparison though, as there was no humor, no bad guys achieving any level of happiness, and there weren’t any memorable deaths. Harry Potter was only better on the note that it had more than two movies, had animals, more real deaths, and a rather large collection of extremely well written books to go with it. It is a good thing that Mrs. Rowling chose to make him a wizard, rather than a hairy pot maker…

Anyways, Dr. Horrible’s blog was nothing to frown upon. I watched extras and they worked their butts off.

What I found hilarious was Mr. Hammer. I watched this after watching all of the existing Firefly episodes, and Serenity. Seeing the bad ass, rock solid, untouchable, near emotionless leader of a cowboy rebel spaceship sing jolly melodies to upbeat tunes while doing a jig was something to jerk on my funny bone with.

I have yet to see the second sing along. I wonder if it’s on Netflix too… I will get around to it sometime though… Until then, watch this delightful show, and make sure to forget the popcorn. You might choke while you’re laughing.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day. 🙂


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