Post-Mortem Photography

OH MY GAWD. I am so glad that it’s not dark out! Well, it sort of is, as it is Alaska in winter time and it is only light for about four hours of the day. I have been doing some unofficial research on this, and I have to say it is almost as scary as the Slender Man. (I’m not sleeping tonight.)  The eyes are some of the scariest things for me. The look into your soul and past. It is terribly sad, but I can understand why it was wanted back in the day. Here is a cheap summary for you readers.

The practice of post-mortem photography seemed to come from a grieving family who wanted to remember somebody dear to them. Photography was cheap, and it was easy to take pictures that took hours to achieve when your subject was, well, dead. There seems to be some controversy as to what was going on with the mothers in these photos. Whether they were dead or nor. Dead and hidden from the child, or alive and holding the child in place. We will never know, but it is fun to argue.

While it seems gruesome to us, it was a very kind thing to do back then. (Victorian days.) It was the only way to capture exactly how that deceased baby looked. Scary.

Margaret Gunning has a thing on this. Creepy scary pictures, beware.

Another WordPress user has a couple of posts about this. More scary pictures. Here it is.


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