School Work

Working. Working rather hard on not working. Trying to get away with listening to Jango and blogging at the same time, and not doing my online work of money skills, which I am pretty sure that I need. I found a new thing, not sure if it is just a person or a band, so I found this thing/person/band called Wolfgang Gartner. Love. I have also been reading through the archives of Nails Bails in an attempt to keep my enemy, Boredom at bay. I have been writing down songs and artists that I like, since Jango does not save or bookmark that for you. I have three pages, and I need to go through them later on YouTube. I have my DS light, which I am going to save for after lunch, along with a post describing my team and such. I have been doodling Tetris and Pacman characters into my song titles, so some of the writing is illegible now. I am pretty sure that the girl next to me farted. I haven’t inhaled for two sentences…   I had to get up to drink water again, to both breath and get blood flowing into my legs again. These chairs are incredibly uncomfortable for how nice they look. Who made these? The crypt keeper? My phone just vibrated, and I need to respond to my best friend, who, today, left home without her headphones and may not make it through the school day. I may do a trade later today. My headphones for her soul. Or half of her five hour energy drink at lunch time. There’s nothing like sitting around trying to avoid work while being forced into hyper-activity. I have to get another drink of water, and I have to write down this song, “Cuckoo by Tipper.” How fitting.

Until next time,


Post Script: Comment and follow. 🙂


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Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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  1. sharclane says:

    The Things We Do In School:)

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