Back to the AWOL part of the unedited and unorganized story. I added people and fake things. In fact, the boyfriend has a bunch of add-ons. Nothing I am going to say about him is actually true. Nothing about this really is true at all, actually. Sorry. I am just writing. I should stop adding onto this paragraph… Thank you for understanding. Don’t complain about my lazy writing though, for I am out of tea and black coffee is not my style. Because it makes my breath smell bad. Thank you for reading, have a nice day, pet a cat – unless you are prone to allergies, and please follow my blog.

For the bored…

Chapter 2?

So, after the slow text messages and my BF coming out to his porch, he hugged me and said, “Feel my heart it is beating so fast. Oh my god, why are you here?”

I had just explained this to him, and he hadn’t been listening. So, I asked if I could come inside.

Here is why I asked: BF is 18, and he is in a “foster home”. It really turned out to be a roommate who stole his food and had a bad attitude. She did not like people coming in the house. Oh, fun fact. She is the aunt of BF’s recently ex-GF. As I am the new GF, she does NOT like me. So, because she really dislikes me, and BF, she was going to kick BF out of the house. Peachy, right?

My genius BF asks me to go in and meet her. She is fat, and her hair is died a deep red and purple color. She is fully dressed, mind you, this is late at night, on a Thursday. She says hello in her kindest “fuck you slut” voice, and then leaves for the night.

I take deep breaths and come past the entry-way, to sit on BF’s couch and watch TV, comedy central. Him and I go over why I was there again, and then sleep for a while.

We wake up every now and then, and we don’t have any food. We drink water. Watch TV… And then he goes to work. He decided that since I didn’t have anywhere to go I was just going to stay in his room and sleep all day. I did. It was boring. I couldn’t leave the room because there was no way to tell if his roommate was going to come back or not. She was supposed to be at work but you can never be too safe. She is one of those responsible adults who would rat me out for a dime, or a slice of pizza. (fat joke)

BF stops by with some tea, and I am too sick to drink it. I think I had the flu. It was going around at the time.

Then he comes back a little early, probably because it is a little awkward to be hiding somebody in your room. I wake up to, “Hey, unlock the door” And we hang out for a couple of hours. I sleep. I did a lot of sleeping.

We decided to get ready to go out, and I do my best. I didn’t plan the runaway very well, because I didn’t think that I would be gone for more than a night. I really should have at least brought a tooth-brush…

Change of plans, we get a ride out to my mother’s and have dinner. She got calls every half hour from my foster parent who was trying to find me. She invites him over… Holy shit. So, I say that I am going to go buy some chocolate, and then BF and I walk over and catch the bus. Clever, eh? Well, it was scary because there is only one bus and one road, and I was going to get caught. I saw people I knew, and saw cops in the street, and thought that the whole damn bus was going to be pulled over for me. My foster parent has that ind of power in this town. It is insanity.

We make it though. Past everything. We see people we know and we get off at a grocery store. Our friends live above the grocery store, but it is all up hill and up stairs… We take our time.

There was a few flights of stairs we had to take to get to where we were going to, and we made it about halfway before BF decides that we should get high.

FUN FACT: Tabitha has never done drugs or drank alcohol in her life. I might have been around people smoking at times, but I never actively did drugs. I thought it was stupid. Plus I had low self-esteem and I didn’t want to be stupid and embarrass myself. I think that’s the reason I stayed away from drugs for so long.

BF pulls out some weed, or marijuana, and fills a pipe with a proper amount that I couldn’t specify, due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to anything illegal, really. I watch him take a “hit” and we touch lips, and he blows the smoke into my lungs. I have small lungs. I have asthma, and I didn’t feel anything. We did this for a while. I refused to smoke from the pipe because it looked like a penis, and I still have that low self-esteem thing going for me. I didn’t want to put myself out there.

We were sitting in the middle of the longest stair case in town, and we were looking down on a dirt parking lot. BF says, “hey, there’s a huge dog down there.” I look and say that it’s really not that big, or maybe it is, but I tell him it’s a beagle, because it was funny. I couldn’t focus my eyes on the dog and tell BF that. And then we start walking up the stairs.

I have decided that it was easy to walk, as it was hard to talk, and laugh, and look at anything. It was like I could only memorize frames of time, and the frames went by so fast that I couldn’t find the right moment to say anything or respond to somebody. I wasn’t hallucinating. I didn’t feel anything weird except for the fact that my memory was completely blown out of the house. The walk took two minutes, and no more. BF claims that it took for EVER though. I think that the walk didn’t help with my being sick.

We sat at our friend’s house, and watched them play video games. I couldn’t talk. They were all smoking from a contraption I couldn’t name if I tried. I just sat there. Tucked under BF’s arm. I could listen to people, and I could understand what was going on… I was asked how I was doing, I think I chuckled and gave the guy a thumbs up. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t because the Stay Awake Goddess was insisting that I had energy, and that I would make it. 🙂

I was so hungry. I hadn’t eaten anything of value in a couple of days and this situation didn’t help. Did you know that young people just don’t have money for food? Weed? Yes. Food? Nope. Too much rent.

I don’t remember how we got home. A ride, I think. I wore a seat belt, don’t worry, safety first. We got inside and his roommate was about to come home, or we thought so. With our genius thinking, or my lack of, and BF’s new given opportunity to make decisions, he decided that I should sleep in the closet. I did, happily. I’m small and I went a few hours. I was so comfortable… until I could think again. I think that I heard his roommate come in, which I think is what we were waiting for. I got out of the closet as quietly as I could, and I shook BF’s leg. That scared the crap out of him. He was probably still high because he didn’t stop smoking after the stairs as I did. I crawled into bed, and we laughed at how I scared him and how I was in the closet, and came out of the closet… It was pure comedy at the time, trust me.

The next morning I got up early to pee, before roommate woke up. I went to the room and sat around with BF to listen to roommate leave for work. After she left, we made rice and watched TV. We got high because my self-esteem was pretty okay with him. Not okay enough to put my lips on Mr. Penis Pipe though.

More TV. Ate rice. Ate the chunk of cheese in the fridge, and then there was no more food. There was a lot of doing nothing time. SO much do nothing time. I didn’t have a blast. It was fun and all in other areas, but I think that it would be inappropriate to write about it here.

End of this section, and I might write again some other time… I am pretty tired. Sorry again for not having a working camera. (open to donations) Have a great day, and wear your seat belts.


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Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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