Please don’t wait until you have to evacuate because of some terrible weather, fire, or other event, to be family and pet prepared.  DogDaz recommends you get ready now, so that you don’t have to think later.  Here are some tips to help you get set for the day that hopefully never comes.  Stay safe, warm, and happy.

Tips from Anne Arundel County Animal Control

Prepare Your Other Family Members – Your Pets, Now!

Create a “Pet Emergency Kit” complete with:

  • At least three days of food, water, and any medications that your pet may need
  • Vet/vaccination records, etc.
  • Collars/ID’s, Harnesses, and/or leashes
  • Pictures of you and other family members with your pet(s)
  • Sanitation kit: pet litter, litter box, plastic trash bags and household chlorine bleach
  • First Aid Kit: talk to your vet or contact Animal Control about what is most appropriate for your pet(s) emergency needs e.g. cotton…

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