Writing splurge. No Editing, and no planning. Just content for the blog, for those with the time. Sorry for not keeping up, I was a runaway. (Until I decided that school is pretty important to me, and that there was nothing that was going to stop me from graduating… I suck at running away. 🙂 So I changed the story quite a bit…)


It was cold. It is always cold here. Always raining. There wasn’t even a summer. It’s fall and it’s raining.

Walking down-hill on back streets with my hood covering my tell-tale dreads, I felt light. Like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I always feel different at night-time.

I called my step father, a cab driver, and asked him to drop me off at my friend’s place. He said yes, picked me up and then dropped me off in record time. It’s not a big town anyways.

I stand outside of my friend’s house, questioning whether or not it was his house. I had only been there once before, and I wasn’t paying attention to where it was. I did recognize a cat food bowl though, so I sent my friend a text, “Go outside.” Of course, he said, “why” and I asked him if he had bought any cat food. He had mentioned that he needed to get some. He said no, and then I said, “Your cat’s food bowl is empty.”

He stood on the porch, a little bewildered. That is the right word, because, well, you should have seen the look on his face. We went over why I ran away from my lock-down house (Got kicked out), how I did it (Shut down the alarms and then messed up the cameras), and why I came to him.

I came to his house because he declared us boyfriend and girlfriend. Did he ask for my hand in mutual dating respects? Sure he did. I said no. I have reasoning. He was in a relationship, we had just barely gotten to know each other, and most importantly, I was not going to be allowed to see him or be alone with him if I did take his hand in relationship favor. I was in the house of a terribly paranoid man. Over protective, but not minutely related. My thinking was that if I were to “Go Out” with him, as he stated it, we would both be sad and lonely because of my irrational lack of privileges.

He kept pushing it though, and that is what he was telling people. (It was probably along the lines of, “Dude, I got this hot girl, and she is hella funny, and we be goin’ out.”) I did end up participating in this relationship. He made me laugh, and I am not often Happy Harriet.

History Time…

So, we had gone on a trip to a college campus tour together. It was about 15 people. My best friend, Boyfriend, and I were going from our town. The rest were from other parts of the state. I didn’t know anybody, so I stuck to my best friend, of whom I have been in and out of both treatment and foster care with.

The Pre-Boyfriend just happened to be there. We had been in counseling groups together a year before, and we were friends back then, stealing carrot cakes together and walking to school. We weren’t close though. He was too popular for my taste. Anyways, while on the plane, he would NOT stop messing with me. Pulling my dreads and stealing my bag and coat and teasing me. It was funny, so I stole a seat to sit by him, while my best friend was stealing some naps.

That whole trip, the three of us had stuck together. Walked around campus until our feet fell off, and sat in faux semenars until we couldn’t feel our legs. Pre-Boyfriend might have been flirting every now and then, but he was after other girls, with flowing locks of perfect curls, boobs un-proportionate to their body, and American Eagle clothes, fit perfectly to reveal every curve they had. Yeah, he isn’t anything special when it comes to that. He is a male. He can’t help it. So, I spent a good deal of time ignoring him, even with him being in our pack. He really got on my nerves. I was wholly convinced that he was too “good” for me, and with what he was showing, he obviously didn’t care for me. What are those people called? Players? I don’t talk like that, but for lack of a better word…

He got to me though. He is by far THE most convincing person that I know, (and I hope for him to have a job in sales later on in life.) At night, I would sneak into his hotel room. We were all segregated because because because. I stayed up ALL NIGHT. I slept about six hours during that whole trip. Lots of coffee. So much coffee… We watched comedy central, and played jokes on his roommates. We layed a warm bag of instant coffee on his roommate’s face while he was sleeping, in hopes that he would wake up thinking he just got tea bagged. He did. He was pissed.

Nothing else happened to be noteworthy of during that trip. He was hitting on girls and playing them left and right. AND rubbing it all in my face. I had moments of royal anger towards him… I would not admit to it though, not even towards myself, my jealousy. He had a girlfriend. A real relationship, and he was doing this. Sure he was breaking up with her and sure she was cheating on him, but come on. You don’t cheat on the girl you are cheating on your girl with. 🙂 I had to take a lot of deep breaths and give myself a lot of pep talks to keep my emotions away from him. He didn’t know what he was doing though.

We got back from our trip, and then he went into the whole, “I like you, and we should date, and I broke up with my girlfriend.” And then we were together, in a relationship…

End of chapter… 🙂 To be continued… Lol

Thank you for reading, have a nice day, and please comment or follow.


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Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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