When I was a Kid

I remember going on field trips to see the Mendenhall Glacier. All through school. They called it, KISS THE GLACIER, and it was a big thing. There are tons of trails around the glacier, ranging from the paved and flat, short journey, and the long, climb-over-those-cliffs trails. I HATED them. Not for reasons I can say I see as valid now, but they were down-right my religious book’s writing then.

One of the reasons, the one that sort of makes sense, is I had asthma. (Still do.) I couldn’t walk with the nice-to-walk-with people. I had to walk in the back with the fatties and the rebels. I hated them, so I had to walk even slower.

Also, I didn’t wear the right clothes. Not that I had the option, but I would come dressed in a sweater and jeans. No layers to change with my body temperature. If I was sweaty, I had to keep that stupid sweater on. I hated that.

I am allergic to mushrooms. I live in a rainforest. Hikes occurred in said rainforest. I would get these itchy rashes on my ankles, and on my back and my neck and chest and arms… It was just unpleasant. South East Alaska is all about mold fungus and mushrooms. All of which make me break out in blistering volcanoes and puss-filled sacs of heat. Of course, I was wearing jeans and a sweater, so nobody could see my misery.

They did that help-the-special-kid speech when they got sick of me being so slow. “You can do it Tabitha! I’ll walk with you! We’ll get ice cream later!” Of course they weren’t going to walk with me for long. I couldn’t talk with the heat and the violating rashes. I never got that ice-cream either. T.T

Another thing, I didn’t get nice lunches. I got the school bagged lunch. A soppy, warm, ham and fake cheese sandwich. Warm juice box that never had enough juice. (Still don’t have enough. XD Not to this day.) And warm ranch with warm and floppy carrots. It was my hell. I was also a vegetarian then, self dictated. (At home though, I had no choice. I was not an independent individual, due to my age. Damned spam and canned hotdogs…)

I have visited the glacier in Juneau AK recently, and it has receded so far that they had to name a new waterfall and build new trails. I think somebody died there the other year from a cave of ice collapsing.

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About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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