The couple walked past the doors, stopping, giving them treats, and flipping through their charts. Charts containing medical history, behavior issues, incidents that occurred with previous homes, and their reasons for being homeless and kenneled.

The lady sighs, “This one wets inside the house where she isn’t supposed to. I don’t have the time for that.” The lady moves on.

The next is wailing for attention, and is jumping at the front of the door. Near uncontrollable.

They pass with grimaces on their faces, not making eye contact.

The next door holds a quite female, sitting in the corner. Hiding and silent.

The man flips through one of the charts. The older, then the more paper work. “Bite history, runaway, criminal charges…”

The lady looks through another, “Has been through rehabilitation and training, but resists change and is not personable.”

“That one is too old anyways. We couldn’t train her. She wouldn’t love us either, because she has been in so many homes already. Let’s look for something younger.” The man gently placed the chart down back with the others.

Finally, after a few more doors, the lady picked up a chart, with only three pieces of paper in it. “Oh darling, look at him. He is so cute.” A two-year old male lay curled up in a bed and blanket. “We could handle this. We could start fresh with his training, and he doesn’t have all of those weird issues.”

The couple went to the front desk and filled out paperwork. They went through a short interview, and the staff brought them back to the room with the young male.

After the staff fumbled with the keys a bit, he opened the door and let in the couple into the room with a smile.

“Hi there darling. Hey sweety. Hi, come here.” The lady scooped him up into her arms. After a minutes of cuddling, she grabbed the boy’s hand and walked him out to the car.


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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