My life values?

I am taking a careers class, and I have done 4 sections on my life values. I am feeling like I know what my life values are. (food, youtube, relationships, support, and pleasure.) ;0) In my class, I have to say “here is what I care about” and then the internet site I have to use says, “Here are the jobs you should have” and I say, ” I give little of a fuck for the human race, and I do not want to be a dietetic technician, anesthesiologist, respiratory therapy technician, speech pathologist/audiologists, or a floral designer.” My teachers, parents, friends, and maybe even Chuck Norris (bold because he is the definition of bold), all think that my job sucks, and that I should be aiming higher. I LOVE MY JOB! It can only get better, not saying it is anywhere near bad, and I can make a more than true career out of it. I am completely satisfied with my job. I don’t want to look up more jobs that I could have. I knew what I wanted and I got it. Don’t be dissuaded by other people. If you want to do something (that won’t hurt you)  Then do it. The worst that could happen? You don’t like it and then you stop doing it. DUH.

Thank you very much for reading. Have a peachy day. (LOL The tags on this post make this sound so deep and meaningful of a post.)

But then again, I just might want to be one of them doctors…. >:}


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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