How to install DE wool dreads

For those of you with normal hair, I would like to show you how to install double ended dreads for those of you who have normal hair (hair that is not dreaded). I took pictures. There are videos out there if you need more of visual aspect. I am using darker hair on a light dread to give you nice and easy to follow detail, and I am using way too much hair in the section. ^-^ It’s all about the audience!

First step: Section your hair. If you have x amount of dreads that you want to install, then it will turn out better if you section your hair out first. It’s easier too to get a friend to help you.

Second step: Put the middle of a dread up to the root of a section, and use a small rubber band to hold it there. I don’t think it matters if you only connect it to half of the section or the whole section. Whatever might blow wind up your skirt. 😉 I am using orthodontic bands because they are really tiny and nearly indestructible. They will hold your dread in for a long time.

Third step: Plait the section around the dread. Treat the dread as if it were just another piece of hair. If you use less hair than I am in your sections, then you can get it tighter and make it look neater. At the bottom of the plait, just use another hair tie to  hold it all in place. You can keep this in for up to a month if you do the plaits tightly enough. You can even wash them. ^-^ Tutorial on that later.


Thank you for reading! And have a dreadful day!


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