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I was at carrs and I saw this. Luckily, I got a picture before people started to take everything down. Directly after I took this a troll took one from the middle. 😦 But it was cool that I got … Continue reading

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Sad Story

I borrowed somebody’s beats headphones, and they don’t fit on my head. Nothing really does though. 🙂 I was so sad. I will have to settle for buds. Those cost less anyways. I went to a hat shop in Anchorage, … Continue reading

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That makes me feel special. Gives me goosies. I love you guys.

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I put dreads on everything now. I think it makes it “Tabitha.” This is called Tamer, because I just drew over a picture of my friend, who’s name is Tamer. Thank you for reading. Have a good day now. Please … Continue reading

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I, over the short weekend I was in anchorage for training, became addicted to coffee. It was free in the morning, and it was the only thing that I wanted. It was the ONLY THING I HAD TO EAT THERE. … Continue reading

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lunch man

This guy looked so cool. He is the college food mascot. I wish all people that served lunch looked like this. I should look into sculpture, really. I think that it would be really fun. Thank you for reading.

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Silly Putty

I was sitting in class with my terribly distracting friends, and we decided to make classic and beautiful sculptures. ^-^ Just cute. putty is easy to work with, we had decided. Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

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Hi-Chew Review

I loved this candy so much, I bought a whole pack. I shocked the cashier a bit, but there is only one store that sells it, and they don’t always have it when I want it. So, the candy is … Continue reading

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Magic Bus

Yeah, I got to ride on this. What. It was very cold on there actually, and it wasn’t too magical. The driver scared me too. Thank you for reading.

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I am more than sure that this computer has less power than my iPhone. I was thoroughly impressed with how old this thing was. It gave me piloerections. ^-^ (The uncontrollable shivers you get when you have a strong emotion.) … Continue reading

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