Cheap Dreadz update

My dreads have been locking really well, and I am starting to like them. I laced the roots, which I am sure that people wouldn’t like to hear, but I did it. At first my dreads were sticking up all funny, but then I just wore a hat. It isn’t a big issue for me though when my hair sticks up. It’s long enough that the weight pulls it down pretty well.

(Mini Lesson: Lacing your dreads is for when you have really loose roots, I would say an inch or two of loose hair, and nothing is making them knotty. You grab a dread, put your finger through your loose roots, and stick the end of your dread through the hole. This will look funny, at first, but you can crochet it or something to make it look normal. This is not something that you can undo though. And do that again to the same dread but perpendicular. This evens it out. It will make your head too tight though if your roots aren’t long enough for this treatment. That lesson was a little longer than I expected it to be.)

They are a little older than a month old right now, and they are starting to get easier to care for. There are no regrets. I do not want to forget that I hated my hair so much. I will not be turning back!

I would have put a picture of my dreads for the update, but my camera is not working on my phone! I will have to invest in a camera soon. Pictures are important. 🙂


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