Washing Your Dreads

(This is going to be a cheap remake of the post that had been destroyed earlier.)

I wash my dreads. I do not have bugs, dirt, excessive oils, smells, etc. in my hair. You can wash your dreads! Have no fear! Some people are afraid to wash their dreads because it takes out the knots if they are new. This is exactly why I think washing your hair is a good thing when you are working on maturing your dreads. If you wash your hair and there are parts of your locks that either come loose or come out, it means that you should work on them to make sure that they don’t come out. This will help them to lock up faster. (This is of course for people who are making dreads manually, with no wax, and not the neglect method. Rather, using a crochet hook, palm rolling, sea salt, back combing…) You can wash your hair plenty, I would say every three or four days. It doesn’t hurt to go longer though. (5, or 6 days.)

I guess I will do a step by step tutorial on how to wash dreads, with how I do it. Don’t expect this to be the best post ever though, because I am having to redo this, and it makes me a little mad.

Things you will need include, time, a water source, and a shampoo of sorts.

  • This will take a while to do, and usually I take an hour to get through the whole process. So get some time on your hands. Don’t do it right before bed unless you are going to be using a blow-drier.
  • I use the sink to wash my hair, as this is easier to do for me, and it saves water. 🙂 Let us be green! (bize yeşil olalım in turkish)
    When I take normal showers I put my hair up so it doesn’t get wet. I use warm water. I have heard that people like to use cold, but have not heard rationales that I like for this method. I live in Alaska, so I don’t know why anybody would want to use cold water!
  • I use Ivory bar soap, because it is cheap and doesn’t condition my hair. Conditioner, if you have done any research you will know, is the last thing you want for dreads. Especially if they are new.
  • The first step is to get your hair wet. (Lets pretend that this is a deep clean, and not just a root/scalp cleaning.) Get your dreads soaked. This can take a while.
  • Get what you are using for soap and rub it into your scalp. If you have new dreads, don’t rub too hard, because this may take out your knots a bit.
  • Rinse out the soap you had just put in, and take your time. Rinsing is by far the most important part of washing your dreads.
  • Put more soap in, and rub it into every dread. (Mini lesson! You don’t need to do all of your hair every time that you wash. I don’t. The oils from my head don’t actually make it down my dread, so they are clean and don’t need to be dried out more than necessary. Dry dreads are good dreads, but if your dreads get dry and weak enough, they will break off at weak points! This isn’t pretty when it happens. The internet told me so.) If you are bothering to wash your whole head, you want to soap up every inch. Rub each individual lock to get soap in there.
  • RINSE IT OUT! I cannot say this once enough. The residue that could be left behind in your hair will do bad things. If it’s a pretty cheap soap, it will dry your hair out, give it a gross waxy look, make your head itchy, it will hold more dirt and lint, making your head smelly… It just goes on and on. Rinse it out, and rub every dread. Rinse even after you can’t see or smell soap. The soap, if you have newer dreads especially, will still be inside of your dreads. You want to make sure it’s all gone. Of course, you don’t need to do the deep clean every time you wash, so this is a special rinse. 🙂
  • Dy those things. Start out with squeezing excess water out, and then squeeze the rest out with a towel. Don’t rub your dreads together with a towel, or you will have one mega dread afterwords. lolz. After squeezing all of the water you could out, and two towels later, don’t go straight outside into humid weather. If it’s sunny, go for it, but your hair could take a few hours to dry if its raining or just humid. (Rainforest humid.) It will end up smelling too. You want to get your head dry. Wet dreads smell if they are left wet for too long, and in extreme cases, they will start to mold and rot. Some people use a blow dryer to make sure they have dry dreads. I just sit by my space heater and blog. 🙂
  • After all of that washing, some hair may have come loose. This is a good time to work on your dreads. Seeing what had come out of knots after a washing is good, because then it will help to show you where to work on your dreads.  This means that your dreads will just get locked faster.

I don’t know what else to say. I am pretty sure that if I had spent more time on this, it would have been shorter.


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