PRO-PITBULL Drawing Tutorial

Credit to This Site for the photo

I will draw this pit, and hopefully inspire artists or to be artists.

Warning, Drawing lightly is something that I will make a big emphasis on. I also made the nose too long. I didn’t realize this until the end.

The tools you will need, your hand, a pencil of sorts, and an eraser, (I don’t often use one though) and paper.

Start by outlining the main object. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but do it lightly. This is to see the proportion of the object to the paper, and set a sort of guideline for where you are going to place the rest of the art. (eyes, nose, ears)

Mapping out the face.

The features need to be placed with care. Take your time. I put lines around where the eyes will be placed, and draw lines as if drawing on a sphere. Do not make these lines heavy, because you will need to either erase them or cover them later. I will make them a little darker in this drawing so they will show up in the photo.

The Eyes.

When you are drawing something that you want to look realistic, such as I am doing, you want to place them as accurately as possible. Us humans look at the eyes, and that seems to be the key to making your art look realistic. Outline where you want the eyes lightly. The bottom of the eye will line up with the flat top of the nose, and the top of the eye will curve into a slight sad shape. The puppy-dog eyes. ^_^

The Nose and Ears.

The nose can be hard to do on an animal drawings. In this drawing, you can see the end of the nose at an angle. Get an outline of the nose because you don’t want to shade it until the end. The ears sit on top of the head just above the crown line.

The Mouth and The Rest of the Mapping.

The mouth line will always line up from the nose and under the eyes. This will change slightly with the breed of dog, so there’s a judgement call needed here. The rest of the inside you will just line. This dog has lines on the neck, and folds of skin, so I lined the inside lines (with the lines from my line making line pencil. lol) You don’t do any of this with heavy lines either, because you want to shade it instead of using those tacky lines. These are just to map out your work. Outline any spots or marking on the dog while your at it.

Erase those mapping lines that you had for the face from earlier.


This is the hardest part. I think it’s the most important part to the drawing. My pencil I am using is insane, but I hope you’ll understand. 🙂 The darker the shading, the more depth. Try to avoid using any pencil marks where there will need to be highlights, because erasers are not magic! The inside of the eye is one, and the shine on a wet nose. (Don’t mark the eyes or nose yet.) Fill in your marks or spots on the dog. The hollower parts of the dog, like the temples and above the mouth, you will need to lightly shade. Smudging is a good thing in this phase. My pencil won’t do that though. 😦

Detail Work

The eyes, nose, and mouth need more help, because we didn’t fill them in. I save these for last to keep from smudging them. Make sure you have a sharp tip for this work, and work from left to right. Smudges can be very hard to fix. When filling in  the nose, start from the bottom. do layers of shades, and leave the top either empty or lightly shaded for highlighting. Use bold lining for the nose holes and the bottom of the nose. The top of the nose will sometimes blend into the face, so no hard lines here.  For the eyes, make the water lines bold, as these are black on dogs and will distract from any imperfections in the eye itself. Leave the highlight of the eye empty. Take your time with this, because eyes are small and are hard to fix. Use the rule, “You can put it in, but you cannot take it back out.” For fur detail, use very very light, wispy lines, because they will be bolder than you will think. Do this for whiskers too. Use small dots for the mouth’s whiskers.

Back Ground

Anything of your choosing. I will just use my funky pencil to make a colorful yet plain background. Oh, and sign your name on that! Give yourself some credit for your work. I like to put dates too so I can see my progress when I am flipping through my art.

Thank you for reading this! I hope this was fun, and helpful. Now go and draw a dog!

Save the pitbulls.

Euthanize the people that make them fight…


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  1. Denise says:

    Awesome tutorial! Keep up the good work

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