Rain, leave my hair alone!

So, I’ve been doing some thinking about synthetic hair. I do have dreads, but they are brand new. (two weeks) So, when I go outside, they still get very frizzy, and that doesn’t look good to me. I like my dreads looking clean, not perfect, but not too out of line. Plus, when dreads get wet, they stay wet, and they smell bad. South east Alaska isn’t exactly a sunny getaway! Weather reports are always a little depressing…

My thinking is that if I get SD (synthetic dreads), then it will tone down my real hair’s frizz until my RD (real dreads) are more mature, and it will make my dread head fuller. ^_^

So, I am going to make my own dreads with kanekalon, (I will not be explaining how to make the dreads, because the internet is full of very useful videos and sites already.) and make them double ended. Double ended means that the dread will be twice as along as my current dreads, and are connected by their middle to the top of a real dread. I will be connecting the SD to my RD with either tiny hair bands or orthodontic elastic bands. Whichever I come across first.

Double Ended Synthetic Dread

How they are connected… :3

With small elastic bands handy

Take a SD and grab the middle of it, making two dreads of the same length, and connect the middle to the top of a RD with the elastic band. There are videos that will help you with this tutorial too.

This will triple the volume and intensity of your dread head. I have 32 dreads, so I will end up having 96 dreads. I can only fit a hair tie around my hair once already, so I will have to see how I am going to be putting my dreads up with that much dread!

I can’t wait to go to a crazy rave with UV reactive dreads. I don’t even know anybody with dreads. It, will, be, great.


About Tabitha

Living in Alaska, working with animal protection. Interests: Dogs, school, ice cream Gender: Female Age: 17 Status: Working on a trip to Turkey.
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