To Dread, or not to Dread


So, I got dreads over the summer. I thought about it for a long time, and decided that it was my look. I hated my normal hair. It would never look right, and if it ever did, it was for half a day. It also cost me a lot for general upkeep. (shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, comb or brush, hairspray, etc.)

So I stumbled upon dreads on YouTube, and ended up watching every video that there could have been for dreads. I still am watching them too.

One night, I got up from a video and grabbed a section of my hair to dread it. I did not use back combing, aka, EXTREME TEASING, but rather something called twist and rip. Sounds awful, right? Well, it’s just twisting a couple of sections of your hair and ripping the sections apart to create knots, then grabbing sections of the sections and doing the same. Plus, I crocheted my hair with a 0.6 crochet hook, and that was to shape and tighten the dreads.

Did you notice that I didn’t mention dread wax anywhere in that? Let me enlighten you that don’t know much about dreads. Dread wax is just a bunch of bowls of crap. (LOL) It was made to make money for productions involved with dreads. Dread wax is a hair gel that sort of cements your hair together, and makes purrfect dreads. It limits the movement of your hair to Zero, and it DOES NOT COME OUT. I knew this one guy who had dreads, and after three years of having them was still battling with getting the wax out. It collects dirt, lint and it smells. If you are using dread wax, your hair is going to smell bad, period. Never does it not smell bad. That is because the wax makes it so water and shampoo can not get in the dread to clean it. Gross, huh? That is why people think that dreads are gross and dirty. (Mine are NOT gross and dirty, I wash them like I always bloody have.)
So, I did it without wax. Not necessarily the natural way, because that is dirty too, but I did it the cleanest way that I could. (Which is very clean.)

normal hair

Normal hair. Back in the days. 🙂

These are my dreads week 1


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