Dog Obedience vs. Rehabilitation

I am not talking about the trials of running around a course and jumping through hoops, I am talking about sit and stay training to stop a behavioral issue. Dog obedience for changing behaviors and habits in dogs is usually (90% of the time) not effective.

Example of when obedience training is used…

“Sit Fido!”

You are walking your dog down the street, and your dog gets aggressive towards a passing dog, you say, “SIT, Fido!”

With obedience training, you are told to make your dog sit. When you are telling your dog to sit with no sitting result, you are labeling the aggression and barking. (Think about training a dog to do something, you label an action with a word.) If your dog does manage to sit, he is still pent up with extreme tension and still wants to kill that dog!

There are ways to avoid that situation. It is called rehabilitation and, if I may, preventative maintenance. Working though issues and situations with the dog while being calm, and setting up controlled situations for you and your dog to work through before stepping into the real world is ideal. If you know your dog, and you are aware of his fears and triggers to “acting out,” setting up controlled situations for exposure will help real life situations.

Example of when a dog is being supported and corrected to prevent problems through a high tension situation… 🙂

(Correct dog walking)

You are walking your dog down the street, and you see your dog is looking at the dog down the street. You also see that your dog is going to get aggressive, so before you let your dog get to a level seven of aggression, you stop Fido at a two, and work your way past the other dog.

This is much less stressful for the dog. I could go into more specifics, but there is just so much that I should save some for later blogging!

Thank you for reading!

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One Response to Dog Obedience vs. Rehabilitation

  1. Shine says:

    I am speaking in generalities, but it is a fact that they are always harassing other dogs. They might want to play, but they are not acting playful…they are acting aggressive.

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