Da Vinci

Dragon fighting lion

Fight Between a Dragon and a Lion

He is certainly my favorite. I am sure it is because he draws so many animals. So many early artists drew humans, rather than nature. I recently took a distance art history course and learned appreciate art just that much more. Mostly I just saw the history of the artists. I took it upon my self to Google  the artists.

Being an artist myself, I copied some of his art. Mostly in the grotesque faces department. I feel that it really catches some extreme emotion. Maybe Da Vinci was showing what he though were the true insides of people that he knew.

Grotesque Faces

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I love that Da Vinci was able to break down animal’s anatomy, the human’s anatomy, and master dimensions in art overall. I stole more pictures from the internet to put on here. ^-^ This would be no fun without pictures.

I wish to be this good one day…

I work at an animal shelter, so seeing cats hit me in the soft spot. ^-^ I like kitties. Cats are a little hard to draw for me. I like adding cat-like features into my artwork and subjects, but I can’t go all feline. The Rastafarian Lion that I drew was actually really hard. And it still looks funny to me.

Kitty Cats?

I think that horses are by far the hardest thing to draw, ever. That guy with the name that starts with a G and ends with an OD was like, “Fuckers are gonna have a hell of a time drawing this bitch. ROFLROFLROFL.” (His name is G-Tod, if you wanted to know. Can’t offend those religious people out there…) I seriously cant draw horses. Not like I can draw other animals. (Why am I in such a raunchy mood?)



I am pretty sure that he got cadavers and got to dissect them for art. The art was so incredibly accurate, that this is still used for educating doctors and whatnot. I would personally be too afraid of it, and a little sick… e.e

Human Heart

This is his face. I love drawing faces, but distorting them and keeping them to myself because they usually turn out terribly. He was really a master, and I have the highest amount of respect for him. He is one of my higher powers.



Thank you very much for reading. Have a FAB day. Make good choices. Draw some things you can’t really draw. Thanks again!


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2 Responses to Da Vinci

  1. Denise says:

    Good hypothesis on da vinci’s thoughts. Can’t wait to see your art on here

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